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Fringe meme


Fringe Meme based on the Community one that martinfreems created

  • one episode
  • two places
  • three colors
  • four otps/ships
  • five relationships
  • six outfits
  • seven characters
  • eight quotes
  • nine scenes
  • ten anything

fringe meme | (5/5) relationships
     ↳ altlivia/altlincoln

get to know me meme ➵ favorite five movies

adventureland (2009)
    ↪ "panty stain. that’s me. goodnight everybody."

clinically and unemotionally


horror meme: favourite slasher movie [3/5] - i know what you did last summer

“Kids like you should be out having fun. Drinking, partying, running people over, getting away with murder… things like that.”

Anna Torv / Nylon Magazine 2011

Anna Torv / Nylon Magazine 2011

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you know me well [emma& regina; for clio]